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Get Started with Calendar

Brand new to Google Calendar? Here are some instructions to get you up and running. You can also view Advanced Calendar Tips and Tricks.

Add events

Create an event by clicking on its time slot in the calendar (drag your mouse to alter the length of the event).

Create event bubble

After entering the event title, you can click Create Event if you're all done, or edit event details if you want to add more information.

Edit the details of an event

Visit the event details page to customize your event. You'll be able to add guests, reserve meeting rooms, and set reminders for the event. Here's how it works:

Event details page

number 1

Invite guests to your event

Add guest box

Click on Add guests and enter the email addresses of the folks you'd like to invite to your event.

You can also click Choose from contacts to select from your contact list.

Reminder options number 2

Set reminder notifications

There are three different types of reminder options in Calendar:

  • Pop-up
  • Email
  • SMS*

Set multiple reminders and never miss another meeting! Be reminded via email a week in advance, via SMS an hour before the event, and via pop-up with four minutes to spare. Just click Add a reminder and select a format and time interval.

* Note: Your mobile device will first need to be verified on the Mobile Setup tab in the Calendar Settings.

number 3

Find a meeting room

Click the 'Check guest and resource availability' link

Click the Check guest and resource availability link to book a conference room for a meeting, or to check your guests' schedules.

View events from multiple calendars

Google Calendar allows you to view multiple calendars at once. You can have one calendar for work meetings, another for a specific project, and a third for your personal use. Add your colleagues' calendars and view events from multiple calendars, side-by-side on the same calendar grid. Organizing your time has never been simpler.

To display events scheduled on a particular calendar, click on the calendar name. In your calendar list, calendars that are selected for viewing are highlighted by the colored bar.

Calendar list

Events will be displayed according to the calendar's color. To change the color for any calendar, just click the down-arrow next to the calendar name and select from the colored boxes that appear.

Calendar color options